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History guitars are an original brand for the Shimamura chain of shops in Japan. They are made at the FujiGen plant, which has produced many of Japan's quality guitar brands. Their guitars feature the FujiGen designed 'Circle Fretting System'. This is where the frets are slightly arched, enabling the strings to maintain an even scale length. The timber used on some History models is reclaimed old growth maple from the bottom of the great lakes in North America. These are high quality guitars and the highest model in the range is currently priced at 670,000 yen (approx $9,500 AUD) History guitars started in 1997. The Cool Z series was part of the History brand and in 2007 it became an independent brand.

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Made in Japan 2004
Quilt laminate maple top on hard maple. Mahogany back.
Mahogany one piece set neck. 18 degree headstock angle. Rosewood fingerboard (Elite finish).
Louis PAF style humbuckers (Louis BH).
Inked serial number
Orange burst
Circle fretting system. Padded original gig bag.
Made in Japan 2004
Solid mahogany back, contoured and hollowed. Maple top.
Mahogany one piece neck. Rosewood fingerboard (Elite finish).
Louis BH-1n and BH-1b pickups.
Serial in body cavity
Circle fretting system. Grover Tuners. Padded original gig bag.
ZLC90-CFS Black Beauty
Made in Japan 2004